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25-Dec-16 -Happy Christmas!
21-Dec-16 -Staff Positions!
18-Dec-16 -Brussels Airlines Flybe Ops
11-Dec-16 -New Scheduling Director
05-Dec-16 -Change of Command - New CEO
08-Nov-16 -Blue Islands Franchise Flights
03-Nov-16 -Oct 16 Pilot of the Month
02-Oct-16 -Sept 2016 Pilot of the Mo
12-Jun-16 -Majestic Lighting Textures
03-Jun-16 -May 2016 Pilot of the Month
Airline Statistics
VaCentral Rank: 67 out of 228
Total Hours: 12,653
Total Flights: 12,173
Miles Flown: 3,016,815 nm
Applications: 0
Total Pilots: 1009
Flights Today: 2
Total Aircraft: 206
Total Schedules: 1582
Pilots on Vatsim: 0
ATC on Vatsim: 19
vBEE on Vatsim: 1
Days Operating: 1074 Days
Staff Recruitment: Open
Pilot of the Month:
Nikolaj Andersen - BEE1813
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simbrief dash route Definately agree that a BEE OFP would be nice right now im using EZY for my formats Geoffrey Gulliver BEE1765 10 Jan 21:16 UTC
Schedule Hi Tony,Not entirely sure if a spreadsheet exists per say, as the routes are simply added into a database individually.I will ha... Jordan Webb BEE377 30 Dec 13:38 UTC
Hub managers Sorry to be a nuisance but on second thoughts I will be standing down from my admin role as Hub manager for the Birmingham hub. ... Steve Prowse BEE440 25 Dec 02:13 UTC
SOU Hub manager Hello fellow pilots from SOU!!Firstly hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year!!I would like to introduce myself... Alex Hill BEE1373 24 Dec 18:16 UTC
Vote for flybe Virtual! Team please go to and vote us to the top! Direct link - Mickey Champion BEE104 23 Dec 17:26 UTC
Live Flight Data
Pilot Flight # Dep Arr Status Altitude Speed Progress
  • Upcoming Departures
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  • Top Landings - Jan 2017

Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
BCH1312 EBBR EGFF Simon Baxter DHC-8 402 G-FLBD 1 Hours
BEE7125 EGBB EDDS Yuri Varj DHC-8 402 G-ECOP 1.55 Hours
BEE1837B EDDK EGBB Yuri Varj DHC-8 402 G-ECOE 1.4 Hours
BEE1836 EGBB EDDK Yuri Varj DHC-8 402 G-JECL 1.35 Hours
BEE793 EGPF EGBB Yuri Varj DHC-8 402 G-ECOH 1.2 Hours
BEE128 EGAC EGPF Yuri Varj DHC-8 402 G-FLBA 0.75 Hours
BEE3646 LFBE EGHI Dylan De Charmoy Bouchet DHC-8 402 G-FLBA 1.35 Hours

Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Status
BEE283A EGAC EGFF DHC-8 402 0 Steve Prowse 0 ft/m P Accepted
BEECT10 EBBR EGCC BAE 146 01.06 Mahmoud Hamad -589 ft/m P Accepted
BEE4053 LHBP LFPG A318-111 1.53 John Woodward 0 ft/m P Accepted
BEE354 EGHQ EGCC DHC-8 402 01.14 Stewart Bull -347 ft/m P Accepted
BEE154 EGAC EGPD DHC-8 402 00.52 Brian Walmsley -464 ft/m P Accepted
BEE1822 EGBB EGHQ DHC-8 402 00.00 Stewart Bull -52 ft/m P Accepted
BEE3645 EGHI LFBE DHC-8 402 01.34 Dylan De Charmoy Bouchet 22 ft/m P Accepted
BEE232 EGJJ EGHI DHC-8 402 00.27 Dylan De Charmoy Bouchet -54 ft/m P Accepted
BCH305 LOWI LFMN DHC-8 402 01.28 Michael Bagwell -494 ft/m P Accepted
BEE231 EGHI EGJJ DHC-8 402 00.36 Dylan De Charmoy Bouchet -20 ft/m P Accepted
Pilot Aircraft Arrival V/S Date Flown
BEE1135 - Simon BaxterDH8DEGHI-2January 19, 2017
BEE1948 - Nicklas LauridsenDH8DLSGG-2January 14, 2017
BEE1752 - Michael BagwellDH8DEGPH-8January 10, 2017
BEE1896 - Etienne BrodierDH8DEGHI-8January 8, 2017
BEE1776 - Laurent BathelierDH8DMHLM-14January 11, 2017
BEE1776 - Laurent BathelierDH8DSEQU-19January 10, 2017
BEE2015 - Dylan De Charmoy BouchetDH8DEGJJ-20January 22, 2017
BEE1504 - Richard NellyerDH8DEHAM-22January 21, 2017
BEE850 - Tony RussellDH8DEIDW-28January 19, 2017
BEE1776 - Laurent BathelierDH8DCYVR-31January 18, 2017

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Welcome to the new flybe Virtual Airline 2.0 website please let me know via an support ticket if you have any issues with the site.
Matthew Weekly - CEO vBEE

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