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25-Dec-16 -Happy Christmas!
21-Dec-16 -Staff Positions!
18-Dec-16 -Brussels Airlines Flybe Ops
11-Dec-16 -New Scheduling Director
05-Dec-16 -Change of Command - New CEO
08-Nov-16 -Blue Islands Franchise Flights
03-Nov-16 -Oct 16 Pilot of the Month
02-Oct-16 -Sept 2016 Pilot of the Mo
12-Jun-16 -Majestic Lighting Textures
03-Jun-16 -May 2016 Pilot of the Month
Airline Statistics
VaCentral Rank: 80 out of 228
Total Hours: 13,129
Total Flights: 12,514
Miles Flown: 3,106,323 nm
Applications: 5
Total Pilots: 1048
Flights Today: 1
Total Aircraft: 206
Total Schedules: 1594
Pilots on Vatsim: 0
ATC on Vatsim: 0
vBEE on Vatsim: 0
Days Operating: 1109 Days
Staff Recruitment: Open
Pilot of the Month:
Nikolaj Andersen - BEE1813
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STS мебель в хар Создать уникальный интерьер в своем доме отнюдь не простая зад Alinast Today at 00:30
Q400...the bomb! yes the wrkload on arrival is great on the dash.i use multi crew experience as copilot.and every flight is a adventure with the ... wil de boer BEE528 24 Feb 21:15 UTC
BEE2051 Introduction Hello,My name is Al Rosenberg, and I live near San Antonio Texas, in the USA.  I reside in the Central USA time zone, so my time... Al Rosenberg BEE2051 24 Feb 11:12 UTC
Tours and AIVLA SOFT EFB Steward,the efb forum will be youre research . I,m using efb for years now without  any problem.if you get a error code , google... wil de boer BEE528 24 Feb 09:14 UTC
BEE2039 Checkin' in Hi Anthony, and welcome! Great to have you on board, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask Rob Pointer BEE101 18 Feb 20:18 UTC
Live Flight Data
Pilot Flight # Dep Arr Status Altitude Speed Progress
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  • Top Landings - Feb 2017

Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
BEE1036 EGPD EGCC Daniel Button DHC-8 402 G-FLBD 0.55 Hours
BEE1362 EGLC EGPD Daniel Button DHC-8 402 G-ECOT 1.5 Hours
BEE494A EGTE EGAC Stewart Bull DHC-8 402 G-JECG 1.33 Hours
BEE471 EGAC EGCC Alan Cooke DHC-8 402 G-JEDW 1.08 Hours
BEE561 EGBB EGJJ Al Rosenberg DHC-8 402 G-JECJ 1.15 Hours
BEE1095 EGNX EHAM Wil De Boer DHC-8 402 G-ECOA 1.25 Hours

Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Status
BEE373 EGTE EGCC DHC-8 402 00.46 Ken Hamilton -589 ft/m P Accepted
BEE7218 EDDL EGCC ERJ170-200 01.04 Anthony McCarty -80 ft/m P Accepted
BEE373 EGTE EGCC DHC-8 402 00.53 Ken Hamilton 86 ft/m P Rejected
BEE7217 EGCC EDDL ERJ170-200 01.08 Anthony McCarty -134 ft/m P Accepted
BEE790 EGBB EGPF DHC-8 402 00.59 Al Rosenberg -1292 ft/m P Rejected
BCH1373 YSSY YMML DHC-8 402 01.22 Laurent Bathelier 94 ft/m P Accepted
BEE1361 EGPD EGLC BAE 146 01.25 James Perrett -220 ft/m P Accepted
BEE1276 EHAM EGCC ERJ170-200 00.59 Anthony McCarty -119 ft/m P Accepted
BEE781 EGPF EGBB DHC-8 402 01.15 Mark M Balagtas -231 ft/m P Accepted
BEE1275 EGCC EHAM ERJ170-200 00.46 Anthony McCarty -188 ft/m P Accepted
Pilot Aircraft Arrival V/S Date Flown
BEE1724 - Ray SmithDH8DEGTE-5February 7, 2017
BEE1678 - Daniel ButtonDH8DEGPE-10February 5, 2017
BEE2013 - Stewart BullDH8DEBBR-21February 9, 2017
BEE2011 - Yuri VarjDH8DEGHI-23February 13, 2017
BEE2019 - Chris MarriottDH8DEGAC-28February 16, 2017
BEE1785 - Anthony McCartyDH8DEGCC-31February 5, 2017
BEE351 - Phil LebouteillerC172EGPE-35February 4, 2017
BEE1776 - Laurent BathelierDH8DRPVM-36February 2, 2017
BEE1678 - Daniel ButtonE190EGHQ-37February 3, 2017
BEE2013 - Stewart BullDH8DEGPH-42February 10, 2017

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Welcome to the new flybe Virtual Airline 2.0 website please let me know via an support ticket if you have any issues with the site.
Matthew Weekly - CEO vBEE

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