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14-Apr-17 -Staff Vacancies
23-Mar-17 -London Heathrow Ops
25-Dec-16 -Happy Christmas!
18-Dec-16 -Brussels Airlines Flybe Ops
11-Dec-16 -New Scheduling Director
05-Dec-16 -Change of Command - New CEO
08-Nov-16 -Blue Islands Franchise Flights
03-Nov-16 -Oct 16 Pilot of the Month
02-Oct-16 -Sept 2016 Pilot of the Mo
12-Jun-16 -Majestic Lighting Textures
Airline Statistics
VaCentral Rank: 68 out of 222
Total Hours: 8,647
Total Flights: 8,162
Miles Flown: 2,039,808 nm
Applications: 3
Total Pilots: 160
Flights Today: 1
Total Aircraft: 206
Total Schedules: 1502
Pilots on Vatsim: 330
ATC on Vatsim: 43
vBEE on Vatsim: 3
Days Operating: 1169 Days
Staff Recruitment: Open
Pilot of the Month:
Nikolaj Andersen - BEE1813
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United Kingdom Matt Osborne

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Hub Tour Sorry, wa my folut. I flew only the first two. Today I have complited all the legs. Marino Bernaca BEE2145 28 Apr 18:49 UTC
Hi! Hi everyone! I can't wait to fly with you!I'm very happy to be in a VA! I am new, so help would be appreciated!!!!! Thank You... Jack Malson BEE2128 26 Apr 01:46 UTC
vBEE SmartCARS UPDATE---- The ProblemWhen opening smartCARS, you receive an error box stating that it cannot start because MSVCR100.dll is miss... Toby Caswell BEE1137 23 Apr 04:14 UTC
Do any members of staff ever read support and help messages No worries, I have now replied to the issue. Please let me know if the issue continues. Toby Toby Caswell BEE1137 05 Apr 13:08 UTC
Discord Server I am pleased to announce the release of our new discord server. When joining please set your nickname to your pilot ID followed ... Toby Caswell BEE1137 30 Mar 10:41 UTC
Live Flight Data
Pilot Flight # Dep Arr Status Altitude Speed Progress
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  • Top Landings - Apr 2017

Flight Depart Arrive Pilot Aircraft Reg. Time
BEE862 EGCC EGHI Matt Osborne DHC-8 402 G-JECM 1.05 Hours
BEE3502 LFPG EGTE Alex Hill DHC-8 402 G-ECOB 0.67 Hours
BEE3501 EGTE LFPG Alex Hill DHC-8 402 G-ECOB 2.5 Hours
BEE302 EGJJ EGTE Alex Hill DHC-8 402 G-PRPB 0.45 Hours
BEE302A EGJB EGJJ Alex Hill DHC-8 402 G-ECOB 0.25 Hours
BEE301 EGTE EGJB Alex Hill DHC-8 402 G-ECOD 0.45 Hours
BEE874 EGCC EGHI Alan HUNT DHC-8 402 G-ECOD 0.55 Hours
BEE6606 EGPH EGSH Alan HUNT D-328 G-BYMK 1.2 Hours
BEE6944 EGPO EGPH Alan HUNT D-328 G-BWWT 1 Hours

Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot V/S Type Status
BEE1031 EGCC EGPD DHC-8 402 01.00 Kashiff Collins 8 ft/m P Accepted
BCH1442 HECA LGAV DHC-8 402 02.12 Laurent Bathelier 50 ft/m P Accepted
BEE6828 EGPF EGPO SAAB 340 00.48 Alan HUNT -231 ft/m P Accepted
BEE873 EGHI EGCC DHC-8 402 00.43 Matt Osborne -308 ft/m P Accepted
BCH1441 LDSP LIMJ DHC-8 402 01.08 Wil De Boer 35 ft/m P Accepted
BEE865 EGHI EGCC DHC-8 402 00.41 Marino Bernaca -383 ft/m P Accepted
BEE1877 EGHI EDDM DHC-8 402 01.55 Matt Osborne -761 ft/m P Rejected
BEE985 EGAC EGHI DHC-8 402 00.58 Marino Bernaca -523 ft/m P Accepted
BCH1438 LIRF LEPA DHC-8 402 02.05 Simon Baxter 18 ft/m P Accepted
BEE154 EGAC EGPD DHC-8 402 00.50 Brian Walmsley -222 ft/m P Accepted
Pilot Aircraft Arrival V/S Date Flown
BEE377 - Jordan WebbDH8DEGHI-5April 15, 2017
BEE377 - Jordan WebbDH8DEGCC-11April 14, 2017
BEE2141 - Mark Wood-MurphyDH8DEGPD-13April 20, 2017
BEE2121 - Mohamed BakriDH8DKMCO-15April 14, 2017
BEE868 - Andy KeeneyDH8DEGHI-15April 27, 2017
BEE1137 - Toby CaswellDH8DLSGG-16April 12, 2017
BEE1373 - Alex HillDH8DEGCC-20April 10, 2017
BEE1752 - Michael BagwellDH8DEGCC-22April 2, 2017
BEE2121 - Mohamed BakriDH8DKCHS-23April 13, 2017
BEE1741 - Christopher JacquesDH8DEGTE-25April 7, 2017

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Welcome to the new flybe Virtual Airline 2.0 website please let me know via an support ticket if you have any issues with the site.
Matthew Weekly - CEO vBEE

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